Ted Bundy: Myths – Fake Diane Edwards Photo used on Joe Berlinger’s Netflix Documentary

courtesy of Tiffany Jean, text: Erin Banks

Bundy researcher Tiffany Jean once more dug through various public records and archive footage to provide the Bundy community with another debunk:

The photo that recently started circulating as it was used in Joe Berlinger’s Netflix documentary, “Confessions Of A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” of Diane Marjorie Jean Edwards is in fact not of her at all.
The young woman’s name is Marjorie J. Edwards, so as Tiffany Jean notes,

“It was probably a good faith error […] and she was a Chi-O.
But Marjorie Edwards graduated UW in 1971, when this picture was taken.
Diane Edwards graduated in 1968.”

Photos of Marjorie J. Edwards, who was never at any point in time
Ted Bundy’s girlfriend or was connected to him whatsoever:

In contrast, photographs of Bundy’s former girlfriend
Diane Edwards through the years:

Many thanks to Tiffany Jean for her great efforts

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