Ted Bundy: Myths – “Investigation Discovery” fake Bundy Quote

by Erin Banks

Someone posted the Investigation Discovery trailer for the upcoming Bundy documentary “Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster,” to premiere this Sunday, August 18, 2019 in The Ted Bundy Research Group on facebook today.

I immediately gasped when I heard the first few lines spoken by Bundy,

“I used to see a good looking girl, and one minute I’d be thinking how nice it would be to go out with her, and in the next instant I thought how nice her head would look on a stick.”

Why did I gasp? Because Bundy never uttered these words, Edmund Kemper did during his November 1973 interview with Marj von Beroldingen which was published in the “Front Page Detective” magazine in March of 1974.
Ted Bundy did not talk to journalists Stephen Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth until several years later, 1980 and going forward, when he engaged in his “speculations” on the murders he was accused of on tape.

Direct Kemper quote from von Beroldingen’s article linked at the bottom of the page:

“[…]He continued, “What do you think, now, when you see a pretty girl walking down the street?”
Again, an unsolicited answer:
One side of me says, ‘Wow, what an attractive chick. I’d like to talk to her, date her.
The other side of me says, “I wonder how her head would look on a stick

So what happened here? It is most definitely Bundy’s and not Kemper’s voice we hear in the recording.
Today, on August 21, 2019 “Captain Boraxyoutuber Chris Mortensen posted in the Ted Bundy Research Group that he had spoken to one of the producers of the documentary. He stated,

Apparently all that audio with the Kemper quotes et al, came from Robert Keppel’s collection.
Ted really did say that stuff although we are not sure of the context.

Mortensen relied to the group he would ask as to why the quote was made to appear as Bundy’s, if this was a good faith error or perhaps not so.

Later on the same day, Paula Mortensen commented in the group,

“I just got the transcript and was told I could use the context. […]

[Bundy said:]
“Oh by the way, Edmund Kemper did however, I mean I did read some – somewhere where he, at least in my mind, summarized the – what?
The savage irrationality of serial murder in a sense he said ‘It’s like this,’ he said, ‘I used to see a good-looking girl and one minute I’d be thinking how nice it’d be to go out with her, and on the next instant I was thinking how nice her head would look on a stick.’ – Erm, you know, I mean that – I mean it’s – it’s a horrible thing and yet it indicates that – the kind of – the schism between – that exists in – in those kinds of individuals.'”

Researcher Tiffany Jean added,

“[…] I think the important thing to get out of it, at least from my view, is that he was explaining the bizarre dichotomy of a serial killer’s mind.
They just made it seem like [Bundy] was talking about how much he enjoyed putting girls’ heads on sticks.”

I could not agree more with this.

As I wrote previously in the post before editing it today:

A few months ago I came across a youtube video about a new technology that permits an AI to listen to your voice and mimic it, as well as the pitch, voice or language melody etc. after only one sentence.
The same is possible with advanced face swapping technology.
This poses a great issue for obvious reasons.
It has now been confirmed that the audio was not fabricated however, and luckily so.
Either way, that the documentary aired like this, and that various bits from interviews were mixed together (Hawkins/Kent) is problematic as well.
As are the very dubious accounts of Sandi Holt’s, who adds to her story and changes it every time she is on television.

Please let me know if any of the links do not work properly or were taken down, I will upload them again if that is the case.

Link to Marj von Beroldingen’s interview with Edmund Kemper.

Thank you to all persons named above, Tata Gogua, and everyone who commented on the post in Research.

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