Ted Bundy: Richard Duffus’ vs. Jim Coleman’s Statement

research by Eden O’Brien
blog text by Erin Banks

There is a theory proposed by Bundy author Richard Duffus who wrote “The Felon’s Hook,” that after the killer’s second escape from jail in Colorado, he took an additional stop in Louisiana where he had previously hidden the polaroids he allegedly took of his victims prior to and after their exitus.
Mr. Duffus recently stated in the facebook group that was renamed “In Plain Sight – A Ted Bundy Discussion,” that Bundy defense attorney Jim Coleman had personally confirmed to him the above mentioned claim.

Eden O’Brien, who has been researching the criminal for almost 40 years, reached out to Coleman via email, asking him to please confirm.
As visible on the screenshot, Mr. Coleman denies that he ever uttered these words to Duffus.

Generally speaking, hearsay is one of the core challenges in the Bundy community.
For instance, it is often unclear at what point in time Bundy was actually confessing as opposed to weaving false narratives in order to satisfy his entity urges and fantasize out loudly while denying having made such claims to other investigators, psychologists, lawyers.
One example of this could be the confession about the New Jersey murders in 1969, allegedly made to psychologist Art Norman who did not record this conversation and had no other witness present.
Norman’s word is hearsay hence, and may be taken with a grain of salt. Not because the suggestion is that he- or others – are not credible but simply because this is exactly what research is.
We depend on facts, evidence, and primary sources, in order to put this case, its timeline and Bundy’s psychopathology together.

It may certainly be difficult at times to decide which individual’s statements to trust.
We know of Jim Coleman that he definitely had contact with Bundy.
As I have not read Mr. Duffus’ book and am not a reader of his blog, my personal knowledge is only that he appears to have had contact with fellow Bundy inmate Bobby Lewis, and states that he himself also had contact with Bundy, which may very well be the case of course.
So everyone must come to their own conclusion about Mr. Coleman’s statement and which testament given weighs harder.

Many thanks to Eden O’Brien for her effort, and
contributions in the Bundy community

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