Erin Banks


I became interested in True Crime by mere coincidence. I had already blogged about polytheistic religions for years, and in my motivation to understand what compels people worldwide to seek refuge in the belief in higher powers, I began taking psychology classes in school, which eventually led to my fascination in abnormal psychology and then serial killers.
I currently pursue my psychological studies via correspondence courses and by spending a considerable amount of time reading any psychology-, neuroscience- or True Crime book I can lay my hands on.
Ted Bundy, Edmund Kemper and Danny Rolling are my main cases.

Please feel free to join The Ted Bundy Research Group and The Emund Kemper Discussion Group on facebook if you would like to research these cases with us, or for general case discussions: Psychology & True Crime Related Sciences. Please answer all security questions in order to join my groups.

I remain grateful to the researcher who introduced me to Ted Bundy and patiently taught me, and to all the many fantastic writers and researchers who have helped me along the way, contributed to my blog, my groups and to me better understanding the case; all those who continue to inspire me, among them some of our fantastic group managers and all members.

Since several people asked about the blog name’s origin:
The name CrimePiper was inspired by the “Sandpiper” tavern
that Ted Bundy met Elizabeth Kloepfer at on September 26, 1969.