Ted Bundy: Regarding Molly

by Erin Banks The updated and second edition of “The Phantom Prince” by Elizabeth Kloepfer, written under her pseudonym Elizabeth Kendall, was scheduled to be released on January 7, 2020. However, on Christmas Eve of 2019, several single pages of “Molly’s Story,” an additional chapter written by her daughter, were leaked on several social media… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Regarding Molly

Ted Bundy: Second Choice Victims

by Erin Banks When discussing Bundy’s methodology and mental state, we conventionally draw the line at Florida. Bundy seems to have become an entirely different animal during his time there, at first glance that is. In Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Idaho (and possibly California), he had mostly displayed himself to be a careful planner,… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Second Choice Victims

Ted Bundy: Zak Bagan’s likely illegal Acquisition of the Utah “Murder Kit”

by Erin Banks On Halloween 2019, TMZ ran an article on “Ghost Adventures” series host Zak Bagans having purchased Ted Bundy’s so-called Utah “murder kit.” The kit had been secured by Utah highway patrol sergeant Bob Hayward on August 16, 1975. Bundy was arrested after the law enforcement officer had stopped the serial killer on… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Zak Bagan’s likely illegal Acquisition of the Utah “Murder Kit”

Ted Bundy: A brief History of his Cars

by Erin Banks The infamous “Bundy bug” is often talked about in corresponding facebook groups, and while its history is a curious one, it was neither Bundy’s first vehicle, as believed by some, nor his only one. Around the age of fifteen Bundy had been taught how to drive though he was not legally permitted… Continue reading Ted Bundy: A brief History of his Cars

“Hi, I’m Ted.” A Killer In The Archives. — Tiffany Jean’s Ted Bundy Research Blog.

by Erin Banks Bundy researcher Tiffany Jean, published her WordPress blog “Hi, I’m Ted.” today. I have had the pleasure of creating Jean’s entire blog for her, (with another person changing the theme,) and Rob Dimarco naming the blog “Hi, I’m Ted.” I created her facebook blog page, as well as her twitter blog account… Continue reading “Hi, I’m Ted.” A Killer In The Archives. — Tiffany Jean’s Ted Bundy Research Blog.

Serial Killer Fashion, Tattoos & Merchandise

by Erin Banks Because the controversial subject of serial killer fashion, tattoos and merchandise came up in conversation between friends and me, I was curious to learn the opinions of the members of two of our facebook groups on this matter. The question was whether the display of “serial killer fashion” in public was distasteful,… Continue reading Serial Killer Fashion, Tattoos & Merchandise

Ted Bundy: Dissecting Victoria L.H.’s Book

by Erin Banks Victoria L.H.’s book – or rather leaflet – “Conquering The Haunting Memories Of Ted Bundy” contains 30 pages of her alleged encounter with serial killer Ted Bundy, and how it influenced her later life. Merely 21 of the 30 pages contain actual writing. The font is large, spaces between words and lines… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Dissecting Victoria L.H.’s Book