Ted Bundy: Interview with Kevin M. Sullivan

by Erin Banks Today, I was granted the opportunity to briefly sit down for an interview with True Crime author Kevin M. Sullivan, most notably known for his books on the Ted Bundy case. Author ProfileKevin M. Sullivan is a retired minister and author of 12 books. He’s a former contributing writer for Snitch, a… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Interview with Kevin M. Sullivan

Serial Killer Fashion, Tattoos & Merchandise

by Erin Banks Because the controversial subject of serial killer fashion, tattoos and merchandise came up in conversation between friends and me, I was curious to learn the opinions of the members of two of our facebook groups on this matter. The question was whether the display of “serial killer fashion” in public was distasteful,… Continue reading Serial Killer Fashion, Tattoos & Merchandise

Hybristophilia: Forms And Motivations

by Erin Banks Hybristophilia is usually defined as the attraction to violent offenders but it does in fact go deeper than that. The syllable “hybristo” derives from Greek “hubrízein” which means to “commit an outrage against someone,” likewise hybris (hubris) “wanton violence, insolence,” and “philia” denoting fondness, “especially the abnormal love for a specific thing.”… Continue reading Hybristophilia: Forms And Motivations