Ted Bundy: What’s in a Name?

by Erin Banks I have had a lifelong fascination with the origin and meaning of names. “Theodore Robert Cowell Nelson Bundy” – there’s quite a lot there in terms of meaning. It’s ironic that Bundy’s first and middle name are rather pompous in nature, and yet both his given and adopted last name appear to… Continue reading Ted Bundy: What’s in a Name?

Ted Bundy: The Lack of Victims who were Mothers

by Erin Banks When discussing one of my previous blog posts, “Ted Bundy: Relationships vs Victimology,” Bundy researcher Eden O’Brien remarked that the killer appears to never have attacked or murdered any mothers that we know of, and I found this to be an interesting observation warranting further exploration. From my aforementioned post: About a… Continue reading Ted Bundy: The Lack of Victims who were Mothers

Ted Bundy: Thoughts on Victimology

by Erin Banks A few months ago, we talked about whether Bundy chose his known underage victims (see photo above) due to preference or chance and convenience in The Ted Bundy Research Group. For that purpose I had re-read a few passages about Bundy’s childhood and teenage years, as well as looked at the available… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Thoughts on Victimology