Ted Bundy: The Cases – Georgann Hawkins

by Erin Banks Several days before Lakewood native Georgann Hawkins disappeared on June 11, 1974, Bundy had a dry run, staking out the area, perhaps even observing Hawkins. We can place him near the Beta Thi fraternity at 11 P.M. on June 7. In “A Stranger Beside Me,” Ann Rule writes that a young man… Continue reading Ted Bundy: The Cases – Georgann Hawkins

Ted Bundy: Myths – “We Serial Killers are your Sons…” Fake Quote

by Erin Banks Hardly any other serial killer has been misquoted and mythologized the way Ted Bundy has been, and is to this day. His most infamous quote can be found on goodreads, on facebook memes, and running it through google’s search functions, it is linked to Bundy as much as his confirmed victims are:… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Myths – “We Serial Killers are your Sons…” Fake Quote

Victim-Players: Possible Motivations

by Erin Banks It is because of brave survivors who have helped bring offenders to justice by reporting their attacker to the police, enduring long hours of questioning during trials, that I remain perplexed and frustrated with those who are either misremembering their own survival stories, or worse, who are merely victim-playing. But I’m also… Continue reading Victim-Players: Possible Motivations

Ted Bundy: Thoughts on Victimology

by Erin Banks A few months ago, we talked about whether Bundy chose his known underage victims (see photo above) due to preference or chance and convenience in The Ted Bundy Research Group. For that purpose I had re-read a few passages about Bundy’s childhood and teenage years, as well as looked at the available… Continue reading Ted Bundy: Thoughts on Victimology